Hello, wordpress.

I never really thought about what I would do once I finished college. I just assumed that I would learn some things which would help me realise what I want from life. Or how I want to make money, at the very least. Alas, three years of third level education and countless philosophical and anthropological theories later, I am still absolutely, fucking, clueless.

From what I can gather, this feeling of disorientation is somewhat common. Yet, no one really likes to talk about it. We push it aside with half-hearted exclamations of  ‘ah sure, it’ll be grand’. It was actually the result of one-too-many of such reactions that has led me to throw myself into the virtual arms of WordPress.

I must admit, initially I tried to venture into the Google-blogger world but alas ‘they’ wanted me to use my real name and deactivated my account before I could so much as style my profile.

But I like the feeling of such an obvious form of anonymity which is conjured up by my slightly ridiculous blogger name. It is not that I wish to conceal my identity and mislead anyone who comes across these pointless meanderings. Rather, I would like to indulge in the freedom which comes with virtual identities. It’s comforting being able to wear a virtual mask shaped solely by my words (and maybe my choice of profile style).

I don’t really have time to write very much because it is current;y 21:00 and I have soul-crushing job which requires me to be up in under 8 hours at some godforsaken hour.

But I’d like to end my first entry with this:

What the hell is going on and why is everyone pretending like they know? Or do people actually know but it’s one of those weird unspoken secrets I’ve only ever read about in books where the characters stare knowingly at each other? (By the way what does a knowing look, look like?) Either way, I’m at a loss and I have very little going on in my left expect my full time job by the sea so I’m going to write things here.



That sounds aggressive, but it isn’t intended to be.


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