Life is laughable.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m a wise, well-rounded sorta person. I’m not that person who has their shit together cause they managed to get one of those well paid jobs in a sector which offers progression towards a dream career. Nor can my personal life be described as a shinning example of what would be considered socially and culturally desirable. In fact, on paper, my life is jumble of inconsequential actions which don’t really have a purpose for the greater good.

But, I have figured something out which, I think, is absolutely fundamental. Well, at least personally. Life is funny. Now, I don’t think that there’s an all higher being who helps creates awkward little life obstacles and embarrassing situations for the shits and giggles. But, if there’s one thing that I’m absolutely sure of is that humour exists. Laughing is a thing we do. It makes us feel nice. Like the tickles but minus that sensation that makes you think you’re gonna pee your pants.

I’ve realised that life is so much easier if you stop being angry at the world when shitty things happen to you. I’d like to put forward the idea that we should try accept life as absurd. I mean, it is sorta ridiculous in so many ways. I mean, how is it that I throw out hundreds of barely eaten boxes of popcorn on a weekly basis, yet there’s someone out there who has never tasted the thing. I could go into the whopper depressing analysis of the vast difference of the quality of life of people all over the world but lets just take that as a given.

When you stop and think about life and the absolute impossibility of having any control over what happens you really just have to laugh. So when I look at my life, my minimum wage paying job, my serious lack of desire to commit to another person and my inability to figure out what I actually like, it’s hard not to see the funny side. When something really terrible happens in work and I get really stressed out and start sweating profusely it helps to know that I can later tell someone who will laugh about it with me. It makes it bearable.

So yeah, laughing and being able to see life as a long series of funny events is what makes my life good. To imagine that I would take to heart some of the awful things people have said to me and to let it affect how I feel is horrifying. Everything is a joke. The unfairness of life is sometimes hard to comprehend. Horrible things that defy logic happen every day. I once read that trauma isn’t something that someone overcomes completely. It is something that becomes folded into one’s everyday life. Their speech, actions and their unspoken thoughts. Trauma is entangled in our very being and can never be completely unraveled from our lives. But if we were to take the everyday ups and downs a little less seriously, then we can use laughter as a type of natural psychological healing. Dealing, accepting and laughing is the key.


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